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Drowning in endless admin?
Your thumbs can't keep up with social media?
Or perhaps you just need a little help organising your life?

Don't worry, I am here to help!


Need a little help? Don't be afraid to ask,


We are all guilty of being consumed in tasks and not focusing on the important things in life,

Let me help you...

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The Social Phoenix

Hello, I'm Heather and I am here to reduce your

workload to make your life flow a bit easier.

It seems that the whole world is online these days, there is no denying that it is helpful but can quickly get overwhelming.


Don't worry, I'm on hand and ready to help you.

As a freelance Virtual Assistant (VA) my skills lie in this virtual world that so many people feel daunted by and can be perfect to assist those with too much on their plate, small companies, start ups or simply the clued up who understand the benefits of outsourcing.

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is your handy helper who can work for you remotely from anywhere in the world. No time or resources are used on travel or commuting - it's all online.

I am online and ready to provide fast & quality content to suit your schedule and demands.


Just a few of the tasks that I would love to handle on your behalf:


Social Media Management

Customer Service Response

Content Creation


Newsletter & email deployments


Impartial meeting minutes

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“No task is too small or too large for Heather, her ability to attack a challenge with a positive outlook is something I wish my team had more of”

Seth Royce

“Always able to meet a deadline and provide her best work I'm so excited to see her setting up her own VA business using her strengths! She's worked hard for this.”

Rakhi Chu

“After working on several projects with Heather, I am always impressed with her creativity and effort”

Adam Al Rashid

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Thanks for your support!

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